Tuesday, May 12, 2009


There are a lot of movements to do something for the protection of the environment, which has become a global issue. Make a list of the ones you think are worthy of your support and discuss why you think so.


  1. - strict regulation of the CO2 emissions
    > obviously we have to do something, and putting heavy fines on CO2 is not a bad alternative, is it?
    - stop cutting trees in rainforest!
    >or at least make sure that the amount of trees cut down, doesn't increase! perhaps we could make sure that in future we plant as many trees as we cut down?!
    - make going by bus, train, etc cheaper in order to stop people using the car all the time

  2. I agree with all the points that Anna said but i don't think all works. We can't plant as many trees as we cut down.It takes very much time that there's a new tree and when it takes 10 years for one tree you have already cut down much more than you can plant.

  3. i also agree with annas points.i just can add the problem of the pollution of the seas in the world which harms animals but also humans.

  4. I also agree with all points that Anna have given, but the same as David. Humans get oxygen from plants, and if the more plants around us the healthier we are.

    Yeah I’ll also go with Pia that pollution is really causing us problems. Something needs to be done.

  5. juice aka hugo aka ur dadMay 13, 2009 at 9:45 AM

    wow... that huge... plant trees like crazy, use new technologies (green cars, green buildings, solar pannels, wind turbines) invest in the 'antimatter' technology-- fact: 1 gram of antimatter can produce enough energy to supply New York city for a week. The faster the better. I agree with Anna (i see u girl!) lol

  6. hehe...I said: "perhaps we could" ; )
    I know perfectly well that it won't work; you come up whith something better yourself, then?!
    And anyway, if it were possible, why not??!
    (ad please note: I said "if it were") ; )

  7. I agree with everyones comments. I agree with juice about using new technology. I think if we start using new technology we would see a significant increase of the condition of our environment.

  8. I agree with Anna and i think if we all work together we can make our enviroment a better place to live...