Tuesday, May 12, 2009


"Where do I as an individual fit into the global competition and opportunities of today?" Try to answer Friedman's question by looking at the requirements, chances, and dangers, that globalization mean for YOU.
What must a young "globalized citizen" be able to do to be "successful"?


  1. I think we've become quite dependant on a globalized world! Many (almost all, in fact!) everyday objects are produced somewhere else in the world! "made in germany" is not often to be met whith! even if you try to "by locally",as we said, it's really hard to avoid foreign goods! especially if one doesn't want to pay too much!
    the one great advantage I can see, is that, whith modern ways of communication, it has become so much easierto keep in touch whith friends from other countries! And also, that you can travel so easily from one country to another, but that has more to do whith the eu, I think...

  2. I agree with Anna.
    The goods from other countries are much cheaper than the same ones when they are produced in our countries.That means that everyone want to by the cheap one.And then we can see that we're dependant on globalization.
    And who can live without the internet in our days?

  3. in my opinion it's even needful to have so many options to buy clothes,food,etc. i'm a student so i don't have so much money that i can spend it all on very expensive things.i also like the different options we have, to wear various clothes and are possible to alternate with the things we eat.

  4. I agree with Pia. It is needful to have differnet options for different foods, clothing music, etc. Goods from different countries are a lot cheaper and help out with people who don't have a lot of money to buy the expensive products made in their own countries. Globalization is a huge part of everyones daily life.

  5. i absolutely agree with Pia.options are always good, specially in big numbers. It is easy to buy things when there is more variety

  6. I agree with all of you!!