Sunday, May 17, 2009

HOMEWORK 18/05/2009

How exactly do our choices of food purchases affect the food system?


  1. i think the number of what we buy is crucial for the decision how much products have to be available.and because of the fact that most of the people don't want to spend so much money on food, it's often produced cheap (and insanitary for consumers).but there are also purchasers who influence companies to produce healthy and biological food because of allergies,beauty,fitness,...
    it always depends on the consumers' demands

  2. i agree with my Pia! people just don't like to spend money they don't have! they buy cheap. Cheap food, specially fast food, is the demand, so this market is growing by the seconds.

  3. I agree with Pia. The food is cheaper.

    In order for the people to stay healthy, the companies NEED to respect the purchaser’s decisions. If not, then the companies MUST shut down.

  4. The discussion around the conflict between the four great branches in the food market; local vs. not local and organic vs. non-organic is getting ever more important. There are advantages as well as disadvantages in all of them. If we would e.g. only buy locally produced food, we would of course support local farmers, however, a lot of people in Africa or Asia would lose their jobs if the europeans/americans stopped buying their products! Seen from the point of view of an enviromentalist, there can be no question of what is to be prefered; the transport fo food around the world, is not only expensive, it also causes serious damage to the enviroment! just think of all the CO2 produced by planes!! but then again, what is better, locally produced non-organic food or not local but organic food? while organic food is supposed to be more healthy, to hold more vitamines and above all to be free from pesicides, non- organic food can be produced to such an extent, that it can be sold so much cheaper than the organic version. People mostly, at least here in G., don't really bother whith the food they buy, as long as it's cheap. In my opinion, the best thing would be, if we could render organic food so cheap, that anyone prefers it to non-organis (even though I think it's sad that you always have to do sth about money to make people react..!), and if we would help african farmers to support themselves so that we can buy the food we need from our own farmers!

  5. The food system is very big and the discussion about lokal/ global and orgnanic/non organic is growing.
    There are the non- orgnanic products and the organic ones.There are made lokally and globally.
    But or every point there are pro and contra arguments.We don't really know if the local organic food is bettter than the global organic or the lokal non-organic is better than the global non-organic,but we know that the organic food is much more expensive than the non-organic.
    The organic food has more vitamins and is good for health.
    The non-organic food is said to have pesticides.
    Now everyone can choose what's the best for him and what he wants to eat.
    If everybody would buy lokally now, much people in foreign countries would loose their job and that's the same the other way around.
    So we have a very big influence in the "food market".